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What’s the Diff?

A differential is a set of gears that allow the drive wheels to be independently powered by the engine through the car's drivetrain and to spin at independent speeds, allowing the wheels on one side of the car to operate independently of the other side. Four Wheel and All Wheel Drive vehicles usually have both a rear and a front differential.

One Stop Auto Care are the car service experts in Nerang and the surrounding areas. If you notice a whining or howling noise when you try to turn the car left or right there could be a problem with your differential. We have the knowledge, expertise and technical ability to get your differential back into shape in next to no time.

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Why Get A Differential Service From One Stop Auto Care?

The wheels of a car need to be able to rotate independently and at variable speeds when the car is turning left or right. This is because the wheels on the exterior side of the car (opposite the direction of the turn) must travel a longer overall distance than those on the interior side (the same side as the direction of the turn) to successfully negotiate the corner.


Failure to have your car’s differential properly maintained has the potential to lead to failure of the differential itself, leading to very costly repairs, particularly if the gears are damaged and need to be replaced.

Symptoms of Low Differential Fluid or other Diff Problems (as required):

  • Whining noise when decelerating or at speeds that exceed 25 kph
  • Rumbling sound that starts when the car is traveling faster than 25 kph
  • Persistent clunking sound
  • High pitched howling or whining during acceleration
  • Banging or skipping when the car is cornering
  • Burning smell from gearbox or differential
  • If the differential fluid runs low or is allowed to get excessively dirty, the lack of lubrication can cause the gears to whine as the car turns. This whining may increase in volume to a howl as vehicle speed increases. To avoid experiencing problems with your differential come in to One Stop Auto Care for a Differential Service Today!

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